Monday, January 19, 2009

New Hampshire, my new home, sort of

Happy New Year etc... etc... Here is a picture of my new home (for two months) at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire. As you can see it's a winter wonderland a lot like the mythical land of Narnia. I'm living in a green shingled cottage and  everyday a picnic basket mysteriously arrives for me full of lunch. Just in case you asked, "Yes I am living the dream." This place is awesome. I'm a lucky man.

In less lucky news, it took me 13 1/2 hour to get to this amazing Narniaesque place thanks to Greyhound who inexplicably dropped me off in Springfield Massachusetts and made me wait 6 1/2 hours for a connecting bus to Keene, New Hampshire. I hope the C.E.O. of Greyhound,  John Coughlan, has signed up for a google alert for the words "Greyhounds Sucks" because his company does indeed suck and I want him to know just how much I think they suck. Greyhound really takes advantage of its customers, who often have no other travel option. 

"John Coughlan, your company sucks and you shouldn't sell bus tickets to people on your website when the bus that ticket corresponds to doesn't even exist. Shame on you Mr. Coughlan."