Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starlee and Arthur Review...

Starlee and I have been working on a series of animated shorts reviewing various things for a website named L Studio. In this episode we review Season 4, of LOST. I will post more soon. We are really proud of these and hope you like them.

In other news Starlee was in the New York Times recently talking about her favorite internet moment of the year, Christian the Lion

Friday, December 12, 2008

W I R E T A P Part II

The hits keep coming from Wiretap. Jonathan talked to Starlee and Ruby a while ago and they sure were charming . Listen to it here.  Over the radio/internet you can't hear just how red Ruby's hair is. Ruby, Come back to New York – Starlee's dog needs a walk and I need someone to update this blog! Help!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Jonathan Goldstein does a fantastically entertaining radio program called Wiretap for the CBC. A couple of weeks ago Starlee and I were on his post-Obama-landslide-election show. Listen to it here. In August Jonathan joined us for a show at Bumbershoot in Seattle, which was awesome. I will post his story on the site soon. Jonathan seems to look slightly scared in this photo or perhaps he is transfixed by a shiny object that it is just out of frame.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chris Duhon has a penis shaped nose

This NBA season has been a weird one. A lot of disappointments around the league but the biggest has to be the sad slow skid the Pistons are on since the Iverson/Billups trade. Why is T-Prince bringing up the ball? Why is Rip shooting like the ball is made out of a hardened, shellacked turd? Last night they lost to the Knicks and worst of all they let Chris Duhon pick them apart for 48 minutes. Chris Duhon is terrible. Last spring, when he left the Bulls I didn't think he'd play in America again. I assumed he'd be in Russia, or the Philippines, or some place where prostitution is legal and the drinks are cheap. The last two years in Chicago he was a benchwarmer who played unreliably. He seemed more excited about giving lap dances at bachelorette parties than running the point. But now in New York he's tearing it up playing in their fast-paced slop-ball style. Pffftttt.... totally... pfffttt.... 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vote 2008

The best thing about MTV's Subterranean is that it makes you nostalgic for MTV's 120 minutes. Ahhh... the early 90's, breath it in. Subterranean put up a year end poll and feel free to vote for the video I made with my friend Zander for the band Man Man. True story: I had to remove the controversial word "Tits" from a poster in the background of the video to make is suitable for broadcast. The incident was like my own little version of "nipplegate".

Updating blogs suck and I'm no good at it.

Today is my birthday. I am 34. When I was 14 I imagined myself as becoming a pretty awesome 24 year old. I thought I'd probably own a cool car and live in a house full of cool stuff like that house on Silver Spoons with a pinball machine and a huge model choo choo train I could ride from my living room to dining room. But teenage dreams fade and when I was 24 I could barely afford a burrito so I postponed my dreamlife until I was 34 and well now... shit. The least I can do is update this blog and post this photoshop collage I made as a personal celebration for myself. I'm going to try a number of self improvements in my 34th year, like eating less bacon, remembering to take off my glasses before I get into the shower and calling my Mom more than once every two months. Another thing I'm going to do is update this blog. Wtf, right?Totally. There are hundreds of thousands of dead blogs on blogger perhaps even thousands of millions. Rather than letting this one die a pathetic, slow motion death I'm going to dedicate myself to updating it on occation. I'm sure you are all excited about this as I am, right? Like Jay Z said, 30 is the new 20 and I guess conversely 34 is the new 24.