Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starlee and Arthur Review...

Starlee and I have been working on a series of animated shorts reviewing various things for a website named L Studio. In this episode we review Season 4, of LOST. I will post more soon. We are really proud of these and hope you like them.

In other news Starlee was in the New York Times recently talking about her favorite internet moment of the year, Christian the Lion

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Mesila 333 said...

Starlee doesn't have an @ddress listed anywhere but I want to register my Obligatory Whine at her (I think that's a female name but I can't be sure) Post-it story about the Salvia Divinorum experience. (She might as well get the name right, it's not called 'the four minute drug'.)

I had mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I was amused by the drawings, especially the rattlesnake with the girl's head on it (I've got a strange liking for them, I guess that makes me a real underdog, my favourite two things in the world being Snakes and Drugs.)

But and at the same time I sort of read a snobby message into it: "hey, aren't drug users just SO screwed up, and aren't I so incredibly cool because I don't like them?" Yeah, whatever, look, anyone who finds as many things wrong with drugs as she apparently seems to is a total IDIOT to take them.

The reason why I can enjoy them is because I can't seem to work up an iota of shame about it. I don't know if this constitutes a "personality deficit" or not, but frankly I really couldn't care less.

I try not to make a habit any more of whining like a bruised dog licking her wounds if someone puts down a particular group of people I feel an affiliation with. In this case, I am making something of an exception, because Salvia will probably be scheduled soon, and it's largely because of this kind of bad press that people will sit still for drug prohibition. Why can't those who want to experience strange states of consciousness in their own home just have the right to do so?

All the indications in her story point to Dave being some sort of kook, oh, he wears plastic ROBOT suits, and was POOR, etc. etc.

I think I would have taken to it better if the long list of negatives weren't just pointed at "drugs", when the sorts of things she's referring to happen to people who use HEROIN, not people who smoke weed. Or use salvia.

Okay, I've had my five minute huff-and-puff hissyfit, and I'll go back to...well, what I was *cough* doing when I found this. Just add me to the list of people who find it difficult to conceive of people not enjoying drugs.

But I don't make a point of making them out to be less cool than I am for feeling that way--not by default, anyway. Hell, I'm jealous, that ordinary reality does anything for you, since it never did a great deal for me.