Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello, I am the intern.

Yes i am the intern, Ruby. Its cold here, which is nice compared to the rest of the city this time of day, i mean i don't know what time it is, they shut of the clock on my computer. And today they gave me two pieces of bread, its nice. I also walked the dog today, and took him to the park as the rest of the dog owner gawked at me for reading Sylvia Plath, maybe they just thought it was funny. I can't find it now, Arthur took it away from me and burned it after he found it in my bag. Well, anyway today at the dog park i took Starlee's dog Oh Papa to the park, he rolled in dirt and barked at me when i told him we should leave, i got tired in the noon heat and decided to sit back down with my copy of the Bell Jar. Suddenly a walking silky pillow walked up to me, i didn't know the breed because i am NOT a dog person, Starlee wants me to be one, I am easing up to it. Well, anyway, this peach tinted dog nesstled my leg face down in the dirt i started to pet her until she looked at me. This dog owned eyelashes the length of my pinky and the color Ru-Pauls infamous orange wig. The dog looked like Ru-Paul, but sweeter, more like Ru-Paul's dog that got lost in the depths of Mister Rogers fantasy town. It frightened me, and accendently i said it out loud. The talk lumbering woman in an indigo curve-hugging jersy dress and gold acrylics i suppose wasn't happy. I mean the female Ru-Paul owned the walking pillow, it was awkward but, bearable, but the muggy heat wetted my brown miserably, so i decided that was my exit. Afterall, the intern must return at some point. (half-hearted giggle) Anyways, Arthur told me to post some youtube link or some flickr picture, so the first pictures are of my cat and myself, (the words are links).

Have a lovely day or night (i can't tell the difference in this basment)

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