Friday, July 25, 2008

Im blood, flesh and bones real.

Hello, I am Ruby, the intern. I am bad at grammar and punctuation. I am currently in Starlee's apartment, in an unusually un-muggy day. I am currently picking at the Goji Berry Trail Mix Blend Starlee allowed me to eat, and i find myself avoiding the small salmon colored Goji berries entirely. I hate trail mix for that reason alone, you have to pick at it to truly enjoy it. Its never a party pleaser, consider this: a thirteen year old's birthday party in his backyard, upon a lovely table cloth lay trays of "organic snacks" his liberal mother keenly advised him and all of his pubescent friends to enjoy. Between the carrot sticks, the organic Oreos, the sliced apples and the trail mix, the trail mix would be the least desirable. Because its never perfect. You always have to fish for what you want, the hearty blend of nuts and dried preserves are never entirely harmonious together. Why? I will never know.(my rant) But yes i am picking at this Goji Berry Blend Trail Mix, relishing in the fact i am not hot for the first time in a week. What a lovely feeling to be content with your pickings of trail mix AND your body temperature, what a day!
Its lovely to be
starlees intern, Arthur's away on "creative leisure."Starlees too busy to notice me sneaking out of my cage once in a while and hitting Bedford avenue for some bread and coffee. I haven't been intellectually stimulated recently unfortunately ever since I have had post-partum depression after finishing Bell Jar.... or maybe its just depression. I speed read through Letters To A Young Poet and am currently reading Joan Diddion, but something about the dank sadness of Plath cuddled me into a dark, plush euphoria of sorts... maybe that's a bit too dramatic. But it was a lovely book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Anyways im still chuggin' along, interning.

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Wesley said...

But you are good writer. How do I know? Cuz I read through your blog entry and didn't notice a single punctuation/grammar problem, as I was just caught up in your thoughts.
AND normally punctuation errors piss the heck out of me!

When I actually read through a second time to FIND the errors, I found a boat-load!

(BTW, found postitnotestories site through Ira Glass/NPR)

However, it doesn't matter. Keep writing, I will be back often!