Monday, December 8, 2008

Chris Duhon has a penis shaped nose

This NBA season has been a weird one. A lot of disappointments around the league but the biggest has to be the sad slow skid the Pistons are on since the Iverson/Billups trade. Why is T-Prince bringing up the ball? Why is Rip shooting like the ball is made out of a hardened, shellacked turd? Last night they lost to the Knicks and worst of all they let Chris Duhon pick them apart for 48 minutes. Chris Duhon is terrible. Last spring, when he left the Bulls I didn't think he'd play in America again. I assumed he'd be in Russia, or the Philippines, or some place where prostitution is legal and the drinks are cheap. The last two years in Chicago he was a benchwarmer who played unreliably. He seemed more excited about giving lap dances at bachelorette parties than running the point. But now in New York he's tearing it up playing in their fast-paced slop-ball style. Pffftttt.... totally... pfffttt.... 

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